Saturday, March 22, 2014


You are the creators of your own destiny! You are the authors of your own novel whether it's a romance, thriller or autobiography! You are the captains of your own vessel! When your Creator conceived you; he poured love, favor, faith, joy, happy-ness, greatness and prosperity into your temple. 

Change is the evolution of one's spirit, mind, body and soul. It's occurs when one is ready and willing to embark upon their true calling in life. From my own personal experience, I know it took me going through life challenges to get me where I am at today. When you are a centered being, your energy will be magnetic to others in your cypher. 

LIFE CHANGE: The past two years, I've made a conscious decision to really focus on my temple (body) and universe (mind). Why? I've learned when my body and mind are on point, my power flows free and abundantly like the Nile River.

Here are 3 Live To Wynn tips, I'd love to share with you if you are ready for change:

1). Make food your best friend, not your foe. When you starve the body by not eating till later on in the day or only eating one meal a are being an enemy to yourself. The body needs proper nourishment in order to function. Learn to eat well-balanced meals throughout the day. This might take some planning on your part, but you will see a world of difference in your temple and mind. Remember the two are connected. Testimony: I eat five to five to six meals a day. Juicing is considered a meal. I juice veggies and fruits daily.

2). Drink more water. There is nothing more purifying to the temple and universe than H20. Why? We are made up between 55 to 75 percent of water. Consequently, the body needs constant water replenishment. The benefits are everlasting: a). Detoxifies the body. b). Increases your metabolism which means weight loss. c).  Better productivity at work because your brain is mostly made up of water. (Side Note: If you don't like drinking water add fresh lemon or lime to give it some flavor).

3). Get ACTIVE. A healthy heart = active heart. This doesn't mean you have to join a gym to burn calories or get your heart rate up. Embrace an activity you enjoy doing (i.e. skating, running and/or lifting weights). You'll see a world of difference in your entire being (from a more restful sleep to how you interact with others) once you make working out a part of your lifestyle.

As you continue to transform your existence, stay mind-full of these three wynning tips. 

Until we connect again, continue to stay FREE & FABU!

Toast To Living,

Maisha Wynn 'WIN'
Lifestyle Specialist & Media Personality
Twitter: @livetowynn1